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Beyond the buzz...

Having worked at the intersection of digital and pharma since 2008 (before it was sexy), I've had the opportunity to engage many talented executives trying to bring digital into an often risk-averse and 'traditional' corporate environment.

With lots of buzz around digital, some of the most common frustrations and concerns expressed by these executives include:

- skepticism from the 'core' business about the impact of digital

- fear of wasting budgets and resources on digital projects

- taking too long to evaluate digital opportunities

- not getting 'C-Suite' buy-in and approvals for investments

- not generating tangible results from digital projects and pilots

Do any of these sound familiar? Am I missing any BIG ones?

The good news is that I'm seeing more and more executives 'crack the nut' on how to successfully introduce digital into a non-digital environment (hint: it doesn't involve complex pharma-style business cases)

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