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"As a former Corporate VC and Pharma VP,  I founded Blackletter to help senior pharma executives get exposure to real and actionable digital innovations and successfully bring them into the 'core' pharma business. My team of 20 consultants helps you navigate the challenge of showing the rest of the organization the tangible business impact of digital without the hype. It's not easy, but with patience, grit and a creative and entrepreneurial drive, it can be done."

Miron Derchansky (MBA, PhD)
Founder and Managing Director, Blackletter Group

We work with some of the most sophisticated executives. We love delighting them

Digital Therapeutics

Assessed the scientific validity and commercial opportunity of 85 digital therapeutics, leading to an entry-path recommendation for the client

Digital Biomarkers

Uncovered 45 predictive digital biomarkers across three therapeutic areas, resulting in 3 co-development pilots

Digital Ecosystem Access

Provided rapid access to innovation ecosystems in Israel, Singapore, Toronto and Silicon Valley and mapped 120 relevant digital technologies

Horizon Scan and Pilots

Identified five 'around the corner' emerging digital opportunity spaces and set up 8 pilots for rapid testing, learning and co-development

Digital Innovation Lab

Launched a Digital Health Innovation Lab in Toronto, Tel Aviv, Boston, Silicon Valley and China resutling in 25 digital projects, investments and spinouts

Medication Adherence Tools

Scouted and piloted adherence technology for both clinical trials and real-world use cases, resulting in 5 partnerships and co-development deals

Digitizing the Value Chain

Diagnosed the full pharma value chain and recommended 5 opportunity areas for near-term digitization and revenue generation potential

Digital Launch

Created a Go-to-Market strategy for a Pharma company that recently-acquired a software business and needed to drive revenues quickly

Stealth Mode Scouting

Uncovered 49 stealth-mode companies that were not on any databases and created informational arbitrage for future partnerships and investments

Cross-Industry Deep Tech

Utilized non-pharma technologies like voicetech and eye-tracking to uncover new biomarkers and therapeutics for novel pharma use cases

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