"For more than a decade my mission has been to connect decision makers into the world's leading innovation ecosystems. I founded Blackletter Group to help our clients access frontier science and emerging technologies and ensure their business remains relevant and growing in the future"


Dr. Miron Derchansky (PhD, MBA)

Founder and President, Blackletter Group

Our Guiding Principles


Problems first. Technology Second

Whether our clients have a detailed 'Wish List' of science and technology, we first focus on what problem they are solving as innovation can come from the most unexpected places and being too close to the tree risks missing the forest.


momentum is our oxygen

Working in some of the world's most dynamic and competitive innovation ecosystems, we know that identifying and validating opportunities quickly brings our clients the edge their competitors lack.


curiosity and experimentation win

Our clients are the world's leading life sciences companies looking for solutions to some of their most intractable problems - having an experimentation and co-creation mindset on every project is how we uncover unique solutions.


quality is king

While innovation is part art and part science, our management consulting and venture capital roots drive a relentless focus on superior analysis and comprehensive research so that our clients are empowered to make the most impactful decisions.