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Helping leading Pharma companies uncover opportunities in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, pilot projects in the world's leading innovation ecosystems and craft compelling business cases for the internal adoption of digital


"It's not easy to build a business case for digital health and quantify the impact on the business. Blackletter was able to not only find startups and tech platforms in innovation geographies where we didn't have access, but made it possible to articulate the clear value to the business and 'sell' the work internally. Definitely not your traditional innovation consultant"
Kristian Hart-Hansen, CEO
LEO Pharma's Innovation Lab ('15-'20)

"We needed a macro view of the digital health industry and identifying the best companies to partner with, which is very difficult in such a rapidly chaging environment. It was an absolute pleasure working with Blackletter and accessing a previously unexplored geography and deal flow. Their sophisticated approach is business-focused, fast-paced and customized and they go above and beyond to provide access to proprietary digital opportunities"
Kamil Hamied, Head of Global Strategy, EU CEO
Cipla ('12 - '15)


"As a niche life sciences investment bank, it's hard to stay up to date on the latest teams and technologies. Blackletter's scientific background and networks in fast-paced ecosystems like Israel and Silicon Valley have been extremely helpful in generating proprietary dealflow. I would place Blackletter in the top 5% of innovation consultants"
Avi Grewal, CEO
Cinaport Capital


"The problem is that you have two worlds constantly changing - one world is digital health tools, and one world is internal clinical development. So not only did we need to keep track of all this change, but we also had to integrate new technologies. Together with Blackletter, we identified 40 'stealth' companies in one of the world's most innovative ecosystems and designed pilots to onboard. I was impressed with Blackletter's ability to produce innovation quickly and their process of operationalizing it.
Hanne Kusk Jacobsen, Director Clinical Operations


"A refreshing approach to external innovation that translates theory into practical business results. Blackletter's models and access to leading innovation teams and ecosystems are the future of how corporations can build edge over their competitors in non-obvious ways."
Jacob Fish, Professor
Columbia University

"Blackletter is an exceptional technical business development agency. We needed to understand where the market is going to be, not where it is right now and they impressed me with a broad analysis of Israeli technology companies and more importantly with their ability to quickly synthesize the opportunities to what matters for the business.’’

Sebastien G. St-Louis,
Co-founder & CEO, HEXO Corp.


“There are so many challenges in doing digital in Pharma because it's not our core business. We develop drugs, not build software”

- VP, Digital Health, Top 5 Pharma


Our Services

Fast-cycle diagnostic. Digital health initiatives should help empower your corporate growth strategy. Unfortunately, many do not and end up failing. We'll do a complete review of your company's corporate strategy and identify the most impactful opportunities within digital health that can drive margin improvement. We'll then quantify their impact on profitability so that you have a clear line-of-sight into how an investment in digital drives business impact.

Strategy development. Is your digital health strategy differentiated from other Pharma competitors or is it a 'Me Too' strategy that focuses on the same areas as everyone else? Our expertise will identify the right set of unique KPIs to support the broader business, identify and prioritize the most impactful digital health opportunities that are right for your business and articulate the optimal digital solution mix to support the Core's growth aspirations.

Pilots and partnerships. Are you keeping track of all the digital health innovations coming out of the world's leading innovation ecosystems? Our clients use our global scientific, financial and innovation networks and 'boots-on-the-ground' presence in places like Singapore, Israel and Silicone Valley to quickly access the highest-grade opportunities. Our deep scientific, commercial and technical diligence can quickly separate 'snakeoil' from reality and find you the ultimate partner for co-development, investment and pilots.

Launch and commercial strategy. How can you take an idea and scale it into a solution or even a revenue-generating business from inside a larger, more risk-averse corporation? With our proprietary Go-to-Market approach that emphasizes actionable market segmentation, value-prop development and focused channel activation, we've helped our clients launch over 14 digital health and software solutions from within larger pharmaceutical companies.