Pharma's entire value chain is becoming digitized with novel and emerging technologies 

But investments in innovation are struggling to make a strong business impact

Pharma re-invests 65% of its revenues in innovation - the most of any other industry

But only half of pharma companies feel this re-investment makes a strong impact on revenue

And even less companies see a direct cost reduction from re-investing in innovation

What Pharma Executives Tell Us Behind the Scenes

"We just don't have resources to succeed in digital because those efforts are significant. There are many, many, many points along the journey where we can fail"

How We Position Our Clients for Success

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Bridge Core and Digital

Capturing Value from Digital in not Easy

Our clients build strong internal demand for digital, generate Quick Wins, implement value-added pilots and articulate a future reality where digital in part-and-parcel of how Pharma does business and generates competitive advantage


Access New Digital Ecosystems

Compelling Innovation is Hard to Find

Competition for good innovation is fierce - rapidly accessing new ecosystems and being open to deep capabilities and teams from outside Pharma (e.g., voicetech) has served our clients well in creating new markets and differentiated solutions

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Accelerate Corporate Change

Science-to-Business Needs to be Faster

Evaluating digital opportunities could take a long time - using our scientific expertise and the lens of an experienced investor, we only expose our clients to vetted, high-grade opportunities that will be in high demand by the Core business

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Regain Strategic Control

Rapid Change is Hard to Keep a Pulse On

Making sense of a rapidly-evolving digital ecosystem and getting a sense for where the market is going - our clients are exposed to global insights, teams and competitor moves critical to implementing a digital innovation strategy

William Gibson (founder of cyberpunk)

"The future is already here. It's just not evenly distributed."