Borrowing from venture capital, entrepreneurship and Game Theory to find emerging science and technologies ahead of the competition

Problems We Solve For Our Clients


We Have a Critical Business or Technical Problem

Our clients have unique  challenges that often require strategic, technological and scientific partnerships beyond their organization. We work with multi-disciplinary teams in the world's most innovation ecosystems to help find practical solutions quickly.


We Need to Innovate in a Low Risk and Practical Way

Most companies struggle with investing in innovation upfront and translating their innovation efforts into tangible ROI. We help life sciences clients customize and deploy the most effective and pragmatic models of innovation to create a high performing innovation system that drives business results.


Our Industry is Changing and Competitors Are Innovating Faster

Innovating in the same way as your competitors is not going to generate an 'unfair advantage' for your business. We help our clients reframe the way they approach innovation, create sustainable 'edge' and ensure they leapfrog the competition for years to come.


We Are Too Internally Focused

Top corporate innovators are using multiple channels to gain access to new ideas, capabilities, and technologies. We help our clients find emerging science and frontier technologies through our global networks in the world's leading innovation ecosystems. 

Having been corporate innovation executives ourselves, we understand the unique challenges of the life sciences industry


Our services are specifically tailored to create competitive advantage for our life sciences clients


External Innovation Strategy

With over 15 years in the life sciences innovation space, Blackletter helps clients prioritize their key business and technical challenges for immediate impact, supported by a data-driven approach that scans and determines the best innovation ecosystems to engage with to help solve these challenges.


Access to Emerging Science and Technology

With our global network of 10,000 innovation leaders in some of the world's leading startups, scaleups, academic institutions and VC firms, Blackletter gives proprietary and unparalleled access to corporations seeking the highest quality science and technology across the world's leading innovation ecosystems - Israel, Singapore, Toronto, Silicon Valley and beyond.


Partnership Formation and Network Nurturing

We drive actionable results that give our clients an edge over their competitors by fostering a longer-term relationship with innovation ecosystems while designing and managing Pilots, Proof of Concepts, Co-Development, Innovation Challenges, Beta Test Sites, Capability Scouting, Horizon Scans, investment cases, and more.


External Knowledge Datasets

The science and technology landscape is rapidly changing - beyond attending known industry conferences and subscribing to popular business databases, our clients benefit from our proprietary networks in highly-innovative ecosystems to 'keep a pulse' on the latest trends and developments to help them inform strategic investment and business decisions.

William Gibson (founder of cyberpunk)

"The future is already here. It's just not evenly distributed."


How We Create an 'Unfair Advantage' for Our Clients

Find opportunities that no one is talking about yet

Your competitors scout using known sources & channels - we provide our clients with access to proprietary opportunities through the deep human connections we've built in the world's most fast-paced innovation ecosystems

Explore where no one is looking

Innovation can come from unexpected places - being open to capabilities and teams from outside our clients' traditional industry has served us well in creating new markets and differentiated solutions

Focus on the high potentials

The 'Innovation Industry' is full of noise, fluff and buzzwords - using the lens of an experienced sophisticated investor, we only expose our clients to vetted, high-grade opportunities for further partnership discussions

Focus on brining innovations in-house from Day 1


Finding ideas and innovations ahead of your competitors is the easy part - our clients use our proprietary process to optimize for broader corporate adoption and intake